Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Pain and suffering

How long must she be in pain? How long must there be suffering?
Reach out your more than capable hands and heal her.

By your grace and your mercy, show action.

We beseech you for our sister, our beloved sister. You alone know what is wrong, you alone know the solution. We will seek you for that solution - for an end to the pain, and the suffering and the discomfort.

We stand with her, we weep with her, we pray for her, and we seek your face for her. You are good, and your mercy endureth forever. I know you are good. I know you love her. I pray that you may act. That those things that would hinder your working a miracle would be broken by the blood of Jesus. In the authority of Christ I break all things working against your will in her life. All things hindering your complete restoration in her life. You have overcome them all, and so you have overcome this, and through you, she will overcome as well.

Not our will, but yours. Let your perfect plan be played out, and let this work out for the GOOD of those who love you and ARE CALLED according to your purposes. She loves you, we love you. You love her. Please heal her. Father? Please comfort her. Please? Please can you just let her know you are there? Please can you just let her be comforted, and know that in the end you will be shown faithful and merciful. She is our sister. She is -my- sister. Please take care of our family... of your family.

Thank you that you hear me. Thank you that you love us and work for our good. Thank you that you are God. Thank you for answering, because I know you will.


Posted at 08:13 pm by jenpuppy

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