Entry: Can't think of a good title... Friday, February 10, 2006

I can't think of a good title for this post... mostly cause I'm not really sure what to write about.

A lot is happening in my life, I am really being challenged and grown in my relationship with God. Things are growing really well, and I've been challenged with my priorities and where they exist.

The biggest theme is 'getting rid of mediocrity' and not settling for anything less than what I know God has placed in me. It is being challenged to put God first, and to make that number 1 in my life. Relationships with people are important, but if my relationship with God does not outweigh them, they are unhealthy. So its a little difficult, because people will go and do stuff, and part of me wants to go, but truly I know that if I were to go, and things were just 'fun' and not something to bring me closer to God, I would feel that resistance in my spirit. And its not to say that I can't do anything fun, not at all... but its just that I have to have fed my spirit already before I can have 'candy' and just have fun.

I have also felt a deep need to be praying for people more - those who I work with, those who I lead with, those in my peer group and close friends, and family in the Lord, and my real family too.... I really like it, because it encourages me to have God's heart and really pray for people. I just really want to see people raised up to the potential that has been placed in them... because we are all created in the image of God, and God is amazing, therefore we are amazing (or at least have the potential to be). I love learning about God's character and the cool things He does cause it shows me the cool things we can do through Him.

Generally I suppose I am quite happy, I know that when I am consistant and constant with my God-time, I am always in a better mood, no matter what is happening.

I took a chunk out of my heel at work the other day (MAN it hurt!!!) but despite that, I am very happy.

I dunno, God is just amazing and I pray that by reading this you will want to know Him more, cause really He is just awesome, and wants you to know Him too, and to change your life and make you whole and fill every need and desire in your heart!



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