Entry: Provision Saturday, March 11, 2006

I love it when God provides for us.

Not only does it speak to the goodness of God, but also it is such a blessing and encouragement.

I usually am reminded of the sovereignty of God when things happen that I couldn't imagine happening.

For instance: I have been wanting to go to California for awhile now, I was wanting to go in November, then January, then February, and then APril....well things are now starting to look like I can go in April! HURRAH.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to go because of finances, and just leaving my place empty for a week or so wouldnt' be good either... but luckily God has brought a very trustworthy person into my life to be my roommate, and given me blessings financially with that, and with my job having the ability to take time off... it is awesome and I think I can fly down and have a great time! PRAISE GOD. I love it when things work out that in my own understanding I knew couldn't happen unless God intervened. Yay God.



March 11, 2006   03:11 PM PST
I think that is way beyond cool. Good for you. I have been to Ca four times in my life and if you read my blog you will see why Ca is important to me. Anyway this God of ours is too much. Actually his power as described is more than neccessary to get the job done. I am happy for you and hope that good things continue to happen.

I love quotes and I will think up one to leave with you.

"Faith swims where reason cannot wade"
"Faith thrives where reason cannot prove"

Have a great life!

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