Jen » can't believe i havent posted in nearly a year!!!!
Jen » can't believe i havent posted in nearly a year!!!!
David » Hey Jen, hope that all is well in Jenworld. Thanks for the reply!
Brigitte/Bree » HEY, Buddy!! I miss you, and Eye Toadally L.O.V..E. your site..I wish I could be like that...Grr. How's life treating you? Anyways, I have to go back to homework Yeah..Can't wait til you come visit!
Star » Hi Jen, stumbled upon ur site and indeed ur postings are really kewl for a christian's view.. it is very uplifting... continue & keep it up gurl... Jesus rocks! God bless!
Jen » fo shore
Courtney » I am doing in langley alot (for biblecollege) us girls should hook up sometime! glad you are well!!
Jen » Hey Court! I am doing very well... how are you?
Courtney » ..member me from cell long ago? he he..I saw your blog address on your msn and decided to stop by..just saying hi and hope you are doing well!
Jen » God is amazing... I stand in awe at the one who calls me by name, who knew me before creating the world, and who chose me to live.
jackie » omg{o my goodness, i mean.]i haven't seen any other christian sites on xanga!this is sooo awesome!!!What kind of religion do you follow as in like i'm a christian but a seventh day adventist..get it?
Olivia » I was searching for the words to Wonerful Maker also and found your site. your words are very encouraging. stay strong in the lord. God bless.
Tom » I was looking for the words to a Wonderful Maker song and found your site - you go girl! Praise the Lord!
Pastor Steve » God bless you. . .I enjoyed reading through your blog
fetisha » hi jen, just roaming around. glad to be here
Jen » I really should post here more often... but I just havent felt a need to share anything recently, just cause not a lot of 'special' or exciting things are happening, it is all pretty average........
Jen » welcome
Jen » thanks for the comment Aster, that is encouraging for me to see as well! My heart jumps with joy to know that I have been able to encourage someone else's walk. Yay God!! hehe
Aster » hi jen. cheers! left a comment.
Jen » I guess I could...
Megiddo » Lol, you also used freebanners like me.... Hey Jen, when are you going to make a new post?
Dude*IN*Him » Hope you don't mind....I got one too!
Dude*IN*Him » Hope you don't mind....I got one too!
Jen » that's where I saw it... i thought it would let me pick just one... but its kind of cool
Megiddo » Jen... did you steal the scripture moment idea from my blog? JK, it is good to see some cool verses.
Jen » well Hey Jon, hope to see you around the board!
-Jon- » I am here..LOL i am Jon i am 11 i love God 2 it just some things i dont get,,
aster » and God bless for that project!
aster » I hope I can watch it too..but I heard its RA because of the bloody scene. And I am still underage!!!!
Jen » well, its good to see someone else looks at this blog.
aster » press on lady
Jen » Things are so hard, and this weblog may not be of much help. Why bring things out in cyberspace when they should be brought to God?
Jen » indeed He is!
[d!] » hi Jen!..those pix are beautiful, God is greatness..God Bless
Jen » thanks... things are tough, but it will be okay. Deep down, I know that.
Quitetime » I so can feel you in your latest post 1/29/04 ,,,I dont know how you say exactly how i have felt lately But nice place!
Jen » Hi!!
afterthoughts » HELLO! dropping by
Jen » wow, I'm so glad so many people are leaving messages here... this is not boring at all.
Jen » feel free to leave messages here!